June 25, 2018

Spinergy Approved by UK Technology and Innovation Cleantech Specialists

In August 2012, after a rigorous evaluation, Spinergy was selected by UK based, Isle Utilities, (see www.isleutilities.com) to present to the Technology Approval Group (TAG) in Melbourne, Australia.
TAG identifies over 500 novel technologies a year spanning the water, waste, energy and transport sectors. Each technology is carefully screened and evaluated by the appropriate specialists within Isle, ensuring the technology is novel, robust, has a strong unique selling point, addresses key business needs and presents significant cost benefits over and above the competition.

Usually 5 or 6 “Approved” companies are invited to present to TAG members (ie industry end-users) on a quarterly basis. These TAG meetings guarantee direct exposure to the industry; which is invaluable in that it provides:
• Direct feedback from the industry end-users;
• Trials or sales opportunities; and
• Introductions to the right contacts within the industry
Spinergy was one of the “Approved companies” together with 3 other delegates from India, UK and USA, presented its innovative, clean technologies to the Australian Water Utilities, and was invited to attend the KPMG Investment Presentation Meeting in Sydney, in November.