Global Corporate Citizenship

Spinergy’s Founders and major shareholders are intentional regarding influencing environmental, ecological, economic and social change in the communities in which they operate, through the provision of low carbon footprint energy technologies, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. They want to see an economic, health and social lift wherever their products are sold, or their technologies are installed, and wherever their employees live. They want to assist in the provision of safe potable water and in the remediation of soils through the application of their clean energy technologies.

This is spelt out in the SpinergyTM Vision “to be the global pioneer of innovative power generation technologies; and a positive force for good amongst the world’s poorest peoples”.

In April, 2015, Dr. Jim Yong Kim2 (World Bank President) announced abject poverty could be eradicated by 2030 through the implementation of 3 key strategies, one of which is to Invest in People. In 2015, the OECD reported that 80% of all new jobs created in the world in the previous two years had been a direct result of start up businesses and innovation.

Spinergy is committed to developing people. This is an outworking of our Core Value of Imagination and Creativity – Imagination is the seedbed of creativity and the essence of innovation.

Whether through the provision of quality, competency based training for assembly workers, installation teams and sales personnel; or whether through the provisions of entrepreneurship and business coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs – both available through our alliance partner GEM College of International Business, Spinergy is committed to developing people. We support local NGOs and charities, and provide financial support to Board approved youth development, health or social service programs.

We encourage aspirational entrepreneurs – and our business model can be applied equally as well, and provides equally as well – to micro-business, small-medium sized business and global corporates – this commitment to entrepreneurship is an outworking of our Core Value of Risk-Taking – Essential for development. Risk Management essential for survival; and our training and business coaching references the need for applying the Core Value of Transparency and Integrity – leading to trust and understanding.

Spinergy’s Board and Executive Management appreciate that every culture, every society, every person has something that can benefit each other and this is why we embrace our Core Value of Diversity and Unity -Everyone has a life story/narrative to be considered and respected, we join our life stories to make the Spinergy meta narrative. Through unity we bring purpose, harmony and efficiency to Spinergy.

Spinergy intends to use its resources for the long-term benefit of people; whether they live in advanced economies or developing nations, because one of our Core Values is a recognition of Respect – for all people who are equal and worthy of equal respect.

Our commitment to Working With the EarthTM is outworked through SpinergyTM technologies being applied in commercial agriculture to minimize water wastage, reduce salinity and ensure optimal fertilizers and trace elements only are used. This leads to a reduction of polluted run-off and ground water – a major cause of algae bloom in waterways. This is a practical outworking of our Core Values of Personal Accountability – Promoting responsible action, and Respect for Authority – Ensuring safety, quality and compliance.