Power4U® is a product by Spinergy®. Spinergy’s core technologies are total inline pipe generators, which have domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructural applications. Power4U® uses the principles of Spinergy® to provide renewable recharging options for the power pack.

Power4U® is based on the concept of using batteries as a power source instead of fuelled generators. This allows for use indoors or outdoors, fewer emissions, and silent operation. Power4U® is fitted with both 240V AC and 12V DC output sockets as well as an Anderson socket, making it a leader for versatility in its class. The LCD display panel allows users to monitor how much power they are using, and the input socket allows for continual natural charge, meaning that you don’t need to pause your activities to refuel your generator.

Power4U® is customisable to your needs – it can be bought with natural charging options, a permanent mounting kit for the back of a ute or household, and a choice of single or dual batteries.

Spinergy inline power generators include:-

  • 15mm for embedding in smart meters
  • 25mm – consumer and agricultural use
  • 50mm public spaces, schools, parks and gardens
  • 100mm mining companies, public spaces
  • >1m infrastructure pipelines