Mission, Vision & Core Values

Spinergy’s Vision

To be the global pioneer of innovative power generation technologies; and a positive force for good amongst the world’s poorest peoples

Spinergy’s Mission

Working with the EarthTM to excel in the design and manufacture of innovative power generation technologies and capture a significant share of global markets, through the careful management of our inventors’ dreams, investors’ assets and employees’ futures”

Spinergy’s Core Values

  • Respect – All personnel, contractors, suppliers, customers and shareholders are people of equal value and worthy of equal respect
  • Diversity and Unity – Everyone has a life story/narrative to be considered and respected, we join our life stories to make the Spinergy meta narrative. Through unity we bring purpose, harmony and efficiency to Spinergy.
  • Imagination and Creativity – Imagination is the seedbed of creativity and the essence of innovation
  • Risk-Taking – Essential for development. Risk Management essential for survival
  • Transparency and Integrity – leading to trust and understanding
  • Personal Accountability – Promoting responsible action
  • Respect for Authority – Ensuring safety, quality and compliance