Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation is bigger than you think and a significant economic driver not only in advanced economies but in the developing world where eco-tourism may contribute significantly to the national income.

Outdoor recreation is an overlooked Economic Giant –it is a larger and more critical sector of the Australian economy than most people realize. It is a multi-dimensional sector, injecting billions of dollars in direct spending into the Australian economy and stimulating the traditional economic sectors of manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, travel, finance and retail industries.

However, the central figure in the outdoor recreation economy is YOU, the outdoor consumer. Your diverse interests stimulate and feed this creative, rigorous and robust industry, which is a vital part of the Australian economy. Whether you’re introducing your kids to the concept of camping in your own
backyard; or you’ve joined “the grey nomads” and are enjoying your well earned retirement, you can benefit from Power4U® products.

Power4U® consumers all ages, genders, ethnicities and income levels. You live in suburbs, apartments, on farms or in caravans – and access to energy remains an essential part of your daily lives.

You’ve filled your garage with all kinds of gear – trail bikes, tents, backpacks, boats and fishing gear – but we guarantee you won’t relegate Power4U® to the garage, to be pulled out once a year! Power4U® can be used IN YOUR HOME even more frequently than it is used in your outdoor recreation! You need never fear a black out again, with Power4U®. You can trickle charge your boat battery, or your hybrid or electric engine with Power4U®! So, while outdoor recreation is an overlooked, yet ever expanding economic giant, Power4U® is a piece of equipment that bridges the gap between outdoor recreation and at home living! Whatever YOUR outdoor recreation activity, Power4U® is a “must have” – but it’s also a “must have” for your home

Caravans and Camping

The latest visitor numbers released by Tourism Research Australia (January 2017) show the continued, unprecedented growth in caravan and camping holidays taken by Australians. According to the Caravan Industry website (http://www.caravanindustry.com.au) the year ended September 2016 recorded the highest record annual growth since data was first collected in 1998, with almost 12 million nights and 13% growth on the previous year. The Australian culture, climate and character is ideal for this lifestyle and holiday practice!. While millenials have joined the caravan and camping enthusiasts, grey nomads retain their place in the caravanning culture, as they accounted for a 19% annual growth and comprised 43% of caravan and camping nights.
Age Bracket %
20-29 years 18%
30-54 years 46%
55+ years 29%
Caravanners and campers want pleasure and travel, with more than 80% travelling for the primary purpose of a holiday. You can experience the adventurous Australian spirit, without giving up the comforts of home. Power4U® ensures you can go off road for as long as you like, and to the most remote places, but still have power to keep food safe, provide lighting and security, enable your kids to have something to do on rainy days, or days that are too hot to go hiking.